There is no PLANet B

Did you know that climate affects people and people affect climate?

Several human activities that happen every single day, diminish the resources of the earth and for that reason people have started to seek solutions in order to reuse some of these resources. That’s why the field of circular economy has entered our lives and tries to teach us how to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (the 3R philosophy) in spite of throwing away solid waste to landfills, which causes the production of biogas, that is a greenhouse gas. Furthermore, people have found a way, with the use of satellites, to predict many of the extreme phenomena that are yet to come, such as floods, coastal erosions etc.

It’s scientifically proven that in a few years we’ll all become observers of an even bigger climate crisis, but if we aren’t properly informed about the problems and the solutions, how can we save the planet?

Do people have the ability and the will to be more environmentally friendly?

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